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PUPC - Polish Union of Plastics Converters consists of companies operating in plastics processing industry. They manufacture plastic semi-finished and finished products for different applications and industries-packaging, automotive, electronic and electrical industry, building and construction, medical and many more.


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PUPC represents the industry in contacts with Polish administration presenting the position of the converters in matters concerning regulations and other issues vital for the industry. The union is active member of European Plastics Converters Association based in Brussels (EuPC) and Polish Confederation of Private Entrepreneurs „Lewiatan”
based in Warsaw. As the EuPC represents us in contacts on the EU level regarding branch affairs, Lewiatan focuses on securing the employers‘ interests.

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Polish plastics industry makes a significant contribution to the Polish economy creating a demand of abt. 3,1 mln tonnes of polymers (2015). It gives Polish plastics converting industry the sixth position in the EU countries. Germany, and other neighbouring countries are the main export destinations.

PUPC is in favour of banning the storage of plastic waste in landfills pointing out that they are to precious to keep them in landfill. PUPC in its mission of creating the good image of plastics is involved in many activities improving the waste management in Poland especially in case of recovery and recycling of plastics waste.

Plastic converters support the idea of circular economy, which is the right way towards improving the sustainability of plastics.

Currently the Polish industry of plastics processing appears to be in good condition and judging by the figures from the first half of 2016 is expected to continue its growth. Sold production increased at that time by 6,5 % and the total employment by 6,1 % comparing to 2015.

Polish Union of Plastics Converters invites participants of the plastics value chain for the annual Plastics Industry Meeting taking place on the ground of Kielce Fair. The conference, which is held just the day before opening the biggest plastics fair in Poland and Central Eastern Europe, Plastpol, is an important platform of discussion about the
condition of Polish plastics industry and its chances to develop in the nearest future.

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