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Turkish Pump and Valve Manufacturers´ Association


BatI Sit. Mah. F.S.M. BulvarI No:546
06370 Ankara-Yenimahalle, Türkei






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POMSAD established in 1997, being the only representative of pump and valve sectors in Turkey; aims to find joint solutions to the problemsin every field of this industry in Turkey. POMSAD; organizes scientific and technical meetings, conferences, seminars, panels and such other events, provides platformswhere the problems of the pump and valve sectors can be identified and solutions to these problems can be discussed.

Observesthe activities,the capacity, the steps taken in the Pump and Valve Manufacturing Industry in Turkey, and makes statistical analyses,announces these results to its members by its publications, circularletters, and such other means. Collaborates with universities and government research institutes to solve the scientific and technical, general and specific problems in the construction and manufacturing of the pumps and valves and management of pump and valve systems.

Makes research and development for manufacturing high-efficiency and high-quality pumps and valves and supports the related activities. Works to protect its members against unjust competitionand to improve quality awareness, works towards the formation of Turkish standards to the benefit of the sectors and the country, benefiting from the members, supporting organizations, and other experts.

Organizes various activities developing the knowledge and experience of its members and those that belongs to the member institutions. Carries out activities to eliminate the need for skilled people by organizing training programs. Works to create the necessary communication between the members, and brings them together in meetings and socialactivities, informs its members with announcements and bulletins, scientifically supports with its publications, and notifies them of the changes in the regulations.

Represents the Turkish pump and valve industry in international level. Submits proposals about the laws, regulations, by-laws, specifications and standards by contacting official organizations, takes place in upper level organizations that are oriented to its scope and activities; helps and collaborates with the authorities, organizations and other associations from which it would benefit towards its goals.

Becomes member with and sends representatives to the related foreign organizations to follow the science and technology abroad, to transfer the knowledge and techniques to its members. Acts to promote its members in international fairs and exhibitions. Having the mission of developing Turkish pump and valve Industry, increasing the quality and efficiency in production, POMSAD has 41 pump, valve and seals producers from different cities of Turkey, and have honormember professors from different universities of Turkey who contributes to the association researches and activities.

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