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EEIA - Estonian Electronics Industries Association is a voluntary non-profit organisation, whose primary objective is to promote cooperation between member companies, schools and public sector to increase competitiveness of Estonian electronics industry.


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The production of electronic and electrical devices has been one of the fastest growing industries in Estonia. Corporate sales volumes increased nearly five times in the time period from 2005 to 2013. The growth of production volumes has been achieved with the introduction to the market of new products with higher added value and the increase in productivity. The sector is strongly oriented towards foreign markets; most of the larger companies are based on foreign capital. Nearly 200 companies are in reality active in the production of electronic and electrical devices.


The production of electronic and electrical devices is characterised by the geographic concentration in Tallinn and its close proximity, while at the same time it also influences regional development significantly. The electronics industry has been one of the biggest sources of new jobs in Saaremaa, Pärnu, Elva and Koeru.

The production of electronic and electrical devices is divided into two sub-branches. In the production of computers, electronic and optical devices, the largest companies are Ericsson Estonia AS (produces mobile network devices), Enics Estonia AS (electronic parts for industrial and medical devices) and Scanfil OÜ (telecommunication devices), and the largest in the production of computers is Ordi AS. In contrast to the overall direction of the branch, the sale of computers is mainly directed to the internal market.

The biggest company in the production of electrical devices is ABB AS, whose main activity is the production of electrical switchboards and alternators. Other major companies are Ensto Ensek AS (electrical switchboards and control panels), Konesko AS (electric motors and devices), and Draka Keila Cables AS (cables).

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