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DI industrial spol. s r.o., was founded in 1994 and it resumed the good tradition of Tesla Brno. Since its foundation,it has been specialized mainly in production of highly sophisticated machine parts, subassemblies, machines and complex equipment specified by customers.

DI industrial spol. s r.o.

Purkynova 3050/99a
612 00 Brno, Tschechische Republik






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ISO 9001
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The company has been equipped for conventional machiningas well as for CNC machining, realization of heat andsurface treatment, testing, mechanical and electrical installationsand installations requiring high level of cleanliness.

The broad range of services and technologies offered byDI industrial allows us to supply various steps of customersĀ“ production process and thus shorten their leadtimes and optimize supply chain. Thanks to highly qualifiedworkers, our services also include the option of projectingand designing technological solutions.

Engineering Production and Mechanic Components include very accurate parts designed for industrialuse, especially machine parts for electron microscopes,vacuum equipment, cryogenic and laboratoryapplications and for other machinery.

Production of parts and accurate pieces made of commonlyused light alloy steels, and of special materials,including surface finishing.

Machined and wrought parts (cutting, pressing, bending) Welded Components.

Production of welded parts and units for various use

Welding and soldering of structural steel, stainless steeland light alloys, installations, installation of mechanic assemblies and electromechanicalassemblies, including testing, installation requiring high level of cleanliness for preciseand fine mechanics in special premises.

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Conventional Machining; Machines, Parts and Complex Equipment; CNC machining; Mechanical andElectrical Installations; Turning; Milling; Welding; Surface Treatment