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Armaturka Vranová Lhota, a.s. (AVL), is a traditional Czech manufacturer of industrial valves. In the last 20 years, AVL has also been established as one of the major suppliers of various machined metal components.

Armaturka Vranová Lhota, a.s.

Vranová Lhota 1
57101 Moravská Trebová, Tschechische Republik






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The customer´s satisfaction, favourable prices, reliability and quality of the product is the main credo of the company, which was founded back in 1966.

The main program of AVL in the field of industrial valves involves pressure gauge cocks and valves, safety valves, check valves, vapour traps and connections.


AVL works mainly with brass, stainless steel and steel bars, forgings, castings of the various types and shapes.

AVL is a leading Czech company in the field of machine cutting. We are equipped with powerful CNC-machining lathes, single and multi-spindle lathes and other machining equipment. The scope of machined diameters is from 4 mm up to 420 mm.

AVL manufactures components to the customer´s specifications and for various industries. In particular, this includes welding equipment, medical equipment, solenoids, various sensors, etc.

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Metal Processing Services: High Precision Parts, CNC Turning, CNC Milling; Industrial Valves Production, Production of Pressure Cocks and Valves